Other Required Courses and Credits

Other Required Courses

  • ECON-B 252: Fundamentals of Economics for Business II (3 credits) P: ECON-B 251
  • BUS-L 375 / L 376 (H): Ethics & the 21st Century Business Leader (3 credits) P: BUS-L 201/293 with grade of C or higher, juniors standing, & current Kelley School of Business student
  • For students who complete Standard I-Core:
    • BUS-J 375: Strategic Management (3 credits) P: BUS-Z 370 
    • BUS-T 375: Kelley Compass 3 (1 credit) P: BUS-T 275 with grade of C or higher 
  • For students who complete Honors I-Core:
    • BUS-Z 304: Leadership - Honors (3 credits) P: Business Honors Program or LAMP student

Major Courses

All Kelley students must complete at least one of twelve business majors, consisting of 15-31.5 credits, with a minimum 2.0 major GPA. Major GPA, along with other degree requirements, is tracked on a student's Academic Advisement Report (AAR). Some students also choose to pursue a co-major(s) and/or additional major(s). Students can consult with Kelley academic advisors about whether/how a second or third major/co-major fits into their degree plan and can consult with career coaches about how these options may complement their professional pursuits. More details on major and co-majors can be found in the Majors, Minors, & Certificates section of this bulletin.

Non-Business Minor Courses

Kelley students are encouraged to pursue optional outside minors to further explore their interests and round out their college experiences. 

Supplemental Credits to Reach 120 Graduation Credits

All Kelley students must complete a minimum of 120 credit hours, with an overall cumulative GPA of 2.0, in order to be eligible for graduation. Students are responsible for tracking their degree progress on their Academic Advisement Report and should consult with Kelley academic advisors for any questions about degree requirements, including whether they need to take additional courses to satisfy this requirement.