Integrated Core (I-Core)

After completing all I-Core prerequisites with a C or better (see I-Core Prerequisites section of this bulletin for more details), Kelley students move on to I-Core, a block of courses focused on the relationships among finance, marketing, operations, and leadership.  Completion of I-Core is required before moving on to many of our major courses.

Please refer to the Kelley School website for all additional I-Core details.

Standard I-Core

Standard I-Core students enroll in BUS-BE 375.

  • BUS–F 370 I-Core—Finance Component (3 cr.) 
  • BUS–M 370 I-Core—Marketing Component (3 cr.) 
  • BUS–P 370 I-Core—Operations Component (3 cr.) 
  • BUS–Z 370 I-Core—Leadership Component (3 cr.) 

Honors I-Core

All Business Honors program students take Honors I-Core. Honors I-Core students enroll in BUS-BE 304.

  • BUS–F 304 Honors Financial Management (3 cr.) 
  • BUS–J 304 Honors Strategic Management (3 cr.) 
  • BUS–M 304 Honors Marketing Management (3 cr.) 
  • BUS–P 304 Honors Operations Management (3 cr.) 
  • BUS-I 304 Honors I-Core Discussion (2 cr.)