Entrepreneurship Certificate

Entrepreneurship Certificate Requirements (15 credits)

Required Grades and GPA
  • An overall GPA of 2.0 in all courses counting toward the Entrepreneurship Certificate is required.
Other Policies
  • All courses counting toward the Entrepreneurship Certificate must be completed at IU Bloomington.
  • A maximum of one course for the certificate can be taken on an IU-approved study abroad program, where available.
  • The Entrepreneurship Certificate is for students pursuing a bachelor's degree outside the Kelley School of Business.
  • To pursue the Entrepreneurship Certificate, students must complete the Entrepreneurship Certificate Application.

Required (6 credits)

  • BUS-W 212: Exploring Entrepreneurship (3 credits) P: none
  • BUS-W 300: New Venture Management (3 credits) P: Must not be a Kelley School of Business student

Electives (9 credits)

Kelley School of Business Courses

  • BUS-J 306: Strategic Management & Leadership (3 credits) P: Must not be a Kelley School of Business student
  • BUS-W 235: Idea Validation and Business Model Development (3 credits) P: None
  • BUS-W 326: Social Entrepreneurship (3 credits) P: Current Kelley School of Business major or pursuing an Integrated Program in the Environment major
  • BUS-W 355: TOPIC: Women & the Entrepreneurial Challenge (3 credits) P: Sophomore standing
  • BUS-Z 302: Managing Behavior in Organizations (3 credits) P: Must not be a Kelley School of Business student 

Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, & Engineering Courses

  • ENGR-E 399: TOPIC: Sustainable Product Design (3 credits) P: none
  • INFO-I 400: TOPIC: Creativity, Innovation, & Technology (3 credits) P: none
  • INFO-I 400: TOPIC: Product Management (3 credits) P: none
  • INFO-I 437: Design Strategy (3 credits) P: none

Jacobs School of Music Courses (NOTE: Jacobs students must complete the below two courses plus one additional elective from the Kelley School of Business elective list)

  • MUS-U 300: Introduction  to Music Entrepreneurship (3 credits) P: sophomore standing 
    • Required for Jacobs student pursuing the Entrepreneurship Certificate
  • MUS-U 340: Practicum in Music Entrepreneurship (3 credits) P: MUS-U 300
    • Required for Jacobs student pursuing the Entrepreneurship Certificate

O'Neill School of Public & Environmental Affairs Courses

  • SPEA-A 236: Music Industry I (3 credits) P: none
  • SPEA-A 241: Arts & Community Engagement (3 credits) P: none
  • SPEA-A 405: Programming in the Performing Arts (3 credits) P: none 
  • SPEA-A 464: The Economics and Administration of Artistic Organizations (3 credits) P: none 
  • SPEA-A 483: Arts Entrepreneurship (3 credits) P: none 
    • Required for O'Neill students pursuing the Entrepreneurship Certificate