International Business Co-Major

Department of Management and Entrepreneurship

International Business Co-Major Requirements (15 credits)

Required Grades and GPA

Major GPA of 2.0 or higher – GPA includes all courses counting toward the International Business co-major. 


International Business is a co-major only. It must be declared in conjunction with a primary Kelley major.

Required courses (6 credit hours):

  • BUS-D 311: Global Management (3 credits) P: BUS-X 271 or BUS-X 272 with grade of C or higher
  • BUS-D 312: Building Managerial Cross Cultural Competencies (3 credits) P: BUS-X 271 or BUS-X 272 with grade of C or higher

Required Cross-Cultural Awareness (must meet one of the following):

NOTE: the Cross-Cultural Awareness will be waived for students who matriculated to IUB Fall 2018 through Fall 2019 due to the suspension of international travel during the pandemic.

  • Fulfill the IUB GenEd World Languages & Cultures requirement through Language Study and/or International Experience
    • Language Study
      • Students must successfully complete the study of a single GenEd-approved world language through the second semester of the second-year level of college-level course work.
      • International students whose native language is not English may fulfill the world language requirement through demonstrated proficiency in their native languages, in accordance with the practice and policies of the College of Arts and Sciences.
    • International Experience
      • Students must complete an approved study abroad program or approved study abroad internship of at least six credit hours and at least six weeks abroad in duration.
      • The following program options are available, although certain prerequisites and conditions apply to some programs. 
        • IU–administered programs
        • IU co-sponsored programs
        • IU autonomous programs
        • Non–IU programs that have been approved in advance by the Office of International Admissions via approval of the Credit Transfer Agreement Form.
  • Complete a total of six credits in two or more approved short-term, Kelley International Study Programs
    • Current approved short-term program courses are BUS-P 256, X272, D365, D496, and M360.
    • See Kelley International Programs for more information on short-term program options.

Elective courses (9 total credits - at least 6 credits must be BUS courses):

  • World Language Course Credit (4th semester or higher)
    • Course credit for an IUB GenEd World Language at the 4th semester level or higher may count for one International Business elective. 
    • If you have completed a 4th semester language course from the GenEd list, and it is not counting on your Academic Advisement Report, please email
    • These credits also satisfy the Cross-Cultural Awareness requirement for this co-major and may also apply to the IUB GenEd WLC requirement.
  • One or more of the following approved short term study abroad programs, which all include international travel, and an application and enrollment permission are required. See Kelley International Programs for more information:
    • BUS-D 365: Kelley in Oxford (3 credits)
    • BUS-D 496: WHU Summer Program (3 credits)
    • BUS-M 360: Sales for Social Impact (3 credits)
    • BUS-P 256: Business in a Flat World (3 credits)
  • BUS-A 355: TOPIC: Sustainability Reports & Analysis (3 credits) P: BUS-A 200 or BUS-A 304/307 with grade of C or higher
  • BUS-D 411: International Competitive Strategy (3 credits) P: BUS-X 271 or BUS-X 272 with grade of C or higher
  • BUS-F 494: International Finance (3 credits) P: BUS-F 303 & BUS-F 305 with grades of C- or higher
  • BUS-G 494: Public Policy and the International Economy (3 credits) P: BUS-F 370/304 with grade of C or higher
  • BUS-L 314: International Business Law (3 credits) P: BUS-L 201/293 with grade of C or higher
  • BUS-L 318: Business Poverty Alleviation (3 credits) P: Sophomore standing
    • Previous course number: BUS-L 355: TOPIC: Business and Global Poverty Alleviation
  • BUS-L 356: Intellectual Property Law & Strategy in a Global Environment (3 credits) P: BUS-L 201/293 with grade of C or higher 
  • BUS-M 401: International Marketing (3 credits) P: BUS-M 370/304 with grade of C or higher
  • Approved BUS course(s) in a Kelley Study Abroad Program
    • Can count up to 9 credits of BUS coursework (may double count with other requirements)
      • BUS-D 311 and BUS-D 312 cannot apply to electives, even if taken abroad.
    • BUS-J 375 can count as an International Business elective only when taken on a Kelley study abroad program.
    • Other examples include but are not necessarily limited to the following:
      • BUS-D 390
        • Students can count multiple D390 courses toward the International Business co-major. 
      • BUS-F 390
      • BUS-F 470
      • BUS-G 390
      • BUS-G 393
      • BUS-J 390
      • BUS-K 390
      • BUS-L 390
      • BUS-M 390
      • BUS-M 391
      • BUS-M 392
      • BUS-P 390
      • BUS-R 390
      • BUS-S 390
      • BUS-W 390
      • BUS-Z 390